From the Parking Lot to the Roof, Stephens Painting Has You Covered.

From the Parking Lot to the Roof, Stephens Painting Has You Covered.

Serving Commercial Property Managers and Owners

We know facility managers and property owners are busy. Why should you have to spend time managing different vendors for different types of commercial painting projects? At Stephens Painting, we believe there is a better way to serve our clients. So, we invested in the equipment and staff training to handle every type of painting project. As a result, we want to complete your project from the parking lot to the roof and everywhere in between.

Additionally, We work closely with facility managers to understand their needs and proactively deliver professional-grade solutions. Our experienced account managers work closely with building owners and maintenance professionals to ensure that every project is completed properly, on-time, and on-budget.

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Infographic – from the parking lot to the roof Stephens Painting has you covered.

Just the facts:

– Over 10,000 exterior commercial paint projects completed
– The right coating can double the expected life of industrial structures
– Floor coatings are proven to improve safety and increase property value
– Over 400 million square feet of commercial roofing coated instead of replaced
– Over 5 million square feet of interior commercial space painted

The Stephens Painting Difference

When you work with Stephens Painting, expect a different experience than what you typically receive from other painting companies.

First, our account managers have over 15 years of experience in the commercial painting industry. More importantly, we understand your business. In other words, our team knows what you need to be successful. For example, we know the pitfalls to avoid and can help you make the right decisions to avoid delays, re-work and run over budget.

Second, every single Stephens Painting employee works directly for us. Stephens does not use subs or temp workers. In other words, you can expect highly trained, responsible workers on your job-site.

Third, we run multiple crews every week so there is always bandwidth to keep commercial projects on track.

Lastly, our ownership is hands-on. We are passionately committed to the success of your business, because we know that leads to the success of our business!


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