Commercial & Industrial Roof Coatings


Does your business or facility have an old, worn out and Leaky Roof, or is your roof losing energy or getting overly hot each summer, basically baking the space underneath?   Stephens Painting’s application of Commercial Roof Coatings as a Waterproofing and Sealing solution will help and is a cost-effective solution vs. roof replacement.  Structural restoration of your commercial or industrial roof can translate into substantial savings over time, and we can facilitate that restoration.  Companies add our roof coatings to their existing metal, asphalt, or single-ply roof systems for Commercial and Industrial Roofs.

Roof Paint or Roof Coatings are one of the first lines of defense in the battle to keep a building water tight and the elements out while drastically improving the reflective value of the roof system.  The ultimate benefits are two fold – Water-proof roof system and a cooler building.  Whether you are searching for an installer for RetailHospitality / Hotel Roof Painting or Industrial Roof Coatings as a Roof Sealant, Stephens Painting, Inc. has your solution.

As Roof Painters, Stephens Painting Inc. can apply Acrylic Roof CoatingsReflective Roof Coatings, Silicone Coating Systems, or Elastomeric Roof Coatings to complete your Roof Restoration project.   We can even apply Metal Roof Coatings to address your company’s specific needs to completely stop leaks and rusting.  The coatings also inhibit rust from developing while encapsulating the existing rust, keeping it from further damage.  In addition, these coatings prevent roof movement, eliminating thermal shock expansion and contraction of the metal sheets by keeping the roof surface at the same relative air temperature.

The roof coatings will also protect from UV, chemical, weather, water, and wind damage while countering the effects of heat below the surface of the roof significantly cooling the air and internal temperatures.  The benefits are vast and for real…keeping the facility dry and much cooler.

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