Elastomeric Roof Coating: The faster and cheaper solution to aging roofs.

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What are Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems?

A fluid-applied roof is a multi-layered system, applied by the factory-trained professionals at Stephens Commercial Painting, which creates a seamless waterproof seal over an existing, qualified, roof substrate; eliminating the need for costly roofing tear-off and replacement.

Many roofs that are being torn off would qualify as substrates for conversion to sustainable, fluid-applied roofs, resulting in huge savings with the elimination of unnecessary expenses in facility downtime, reconstruction and disposal costs.

Don’t let your roof consume your entire maintenance budget. Never pay to replace a roof you can convert to a sustainable, watertight roof.

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elastormeric roof coating applied to commercial building roof

What roof types can be restored with an elastormeric coating system?

Stephens Commercial Painting Elastomeric Roof Coating Application for Metal Roof

Metal roof

Metal roofs with sound structure are prime candidates for a coated roofing conversion. The new roof will be wind and watertight with thermal shock resistance, and sustainable, non-corrosive properties.

Elastomeric Roof Coating for single-ply roof

Single-ply roof

Single-ply roofs with sound underlayment and good adhesion can be readily converted to a coated roof. The new roof will be wind and watertight while reflecting damaging sun rays for a cooler building and longer-lasting roof.

Elastomeric Roof Coating for asphault roof

Asphalt roof

Asphalt roofs with sound underlayment, and repairable substrates, can be converted to coated roofs. The new roof will be wind and watertight while reflecting damaging sun rays for a cooler building and longer-lasting roof.

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Why restore your roof with Stephens Coatings?

Proven Solution

Stephens Coatings Systems have been installed on over 400 million square feet of metal, asphalt, and single-ply roofing. Our high-quality material is specifically designed to expand and contract with the roof as it changes throughout it's life, plus its resistance to uv rays help extend the life of the roof.

Big Savings

Our fluid-applied systems are applied over existing substrates, avoiding costly tear-off costs and saving property and facility managers significantly on their roofing projects.

No Downtime

Repair your roof without the costs of shutting down your business.

feature table comparing elastomeric coating system to other options
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