5 Reasons To Fire Your Painting Company

5 Reasons To Fire Your Painting Company

Painters Making a Mess

Is your painting company creating problems instead of being a solution? Don’t settle! Whether you’ve been working with a painting company for years, or just started using a new vendor, hold them to a high bar. If you’re noticing problems, don’t wait, because they only get worse. Here’s five reasons to consider firing your painting company.

1. Always Late

We’ve all heard it – contractors are always late to the job site and for some reason most people have accepted this. But just because you’re working with a painting contractor, doesn’t mean you should settle for this. There are plenty of high-quality, professional painters out there who understand the value of showing up on time. Stephens Painting is proud to be among those. We pride ourselves on punctuality. Our crews realize your time is valuable, and we respect that. You’ve probably planned your day and/or week around us and we want to do everything possible to minimize our disruption of your business. Bottom line – being on time is important to you, and it’s important to us as well.

2. Sloppy Work

This one is just unacceptable. If you’ve hired a professional painting company, don’t settle for anything less than high quality, precision work. If there’s any doubt in your mind, then the quality probably isn’t good enough. From consistent spray patterns, color accuracy, finish work, and every other component of the job, Stephens Painting is all about the details. All of our crews are full time employees – no subs or day laborers. We train our teams regularly. Additionally, Every project has a foreman with at least 15 years of experience in the industry, who is carefully managing the project and inspecting our work along the way.

3. Under-insured

Don’t let this one bite you! Ask for proof of insurance. Does the crew you’re working with have any? If so, is it enough to cover a large commercial project? What you find may surprise you. At Stephens Painting, we carry $123,000 in comprehensive insurance. Not only this, but we are also debt-free and financially stable. This is important when a property manager is considering six figure spending on commercial painting projects.

4. Unprofessional

This is another “no-brainer”. You would never hire an employee with terrible manners, rude behavior, or language. So why allow any less from contractors or painters? Our teams are uniformed, background-checked, drug-tested, and ready to paint professionally. Your business will be respected and treated with the utmost care throughout the project, from initial prep, to final clean-up.

5. Not adhering to specs

Specs are written for a reason, and Stephens Painting believes there’s only one way to do the job right! By adhering to the specs and performing high quality work, we are proud of every project our crews paint. Just ask, we have plenty of project pictures on our website gallery. Your Stephens Painting account manager is glad to offer you options that can add value. From paint and coatings to our workflow and timing, there are always variable to consider. However, once we agree on the project, you have our guarantee that we will stick to the specs and deliver exactly what you paid for.