How to Properly Paint a Steeple

How to Properly Paint a Steeple

If your church has a steeple, you probably already know that it’s a unique piece of architecture that requires special care and maintenance. At Stephens Painting, we have years of experience in preserving, repairing and painting church steeples properly, to help ensure that they last for generations to come.

Our team understands that a church steeple is far more than just the structure itself. It’s a symbol of Christianity that unites congregations and communities together. We start and end every steeple painting project with this perspective in mind. A steeple should be washed and cleaned annually in order to preserve the appearance and prevent mold, rust, and rot. Depending on the weather, design and materials, a steeple should receive preventative maintenance re-painting maintenance every 7-10 years.

Stephens Painting has experience painting and refinishing steeples of all types. From simple wooden steeples, to more ornate designs that include metal finishes, lighting, ringing bells, and even lightning rods, our team of steeple painters can properly repair and paint any church steeple.

Church Steeple Expertise:
– Over 37 years of experience painting steeples in the DFW and greater North Texas region
– No steeple too tall!
– Fully licensed, bonded and insured crews
– Bucket truck equipment to access tall and hard-to-reach steeples
– Trained crews who will respect your church property at all times
– No “one size fits all” solution. One of our owners will thoroughly evaluate your steeple project to ensure the right approach and an accurate estimate

Remember, the cheapest bid is not always the best solution. Our crews are trained, experienced and respectful when it comes to steeple painting. Stephens Painting will ensure that your steeple project is painted correctly with no risk to the roof, landscaping or steeple itself.